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Involved People: A. Sannino, M. Madaghiele, C. Demitri,M. Carrozzo, L. Salvatore, A. Piccinno, F. Scalera, F. Gervaso

  1. Sannino, P.A. Netti, M. Madaghiele, V. Coccoli, A. Luciani, A. Maffezzoli and L. Nicolais. "Synthesis and characterization of macroporous poly(ethylene glycol)-based hydrogels for tissue engineering application." J Biomed Mater Res 79A: 229-236, 2006.
  2. B.A. Harley, A.Z. Hastings, I.V. Yannas, A. Sannino. "Fabricating tubular scaffolds with a radial pore size gradient by a spinning technique." Biomaterials 27: 866-874, 2006.
  3. A. Esposito, A. Mezzogiorno, A. Sannino, A. De Rosa, V. Esposito and L. Ambrosio. "Hyaluronic acid based scaffolds for intestine tissue engineering: a morphological and biochemical study of cell-material interaction." J Mater Sci Mater Med 17:1365-1372, 2006.
  4. M. Madaghiele, A. Sannino, I.V. Yannas, M. Spector. "Collagen-based matrices with axially oriented pores." J Biomed Mater Res 85A(3): 757-767, 2008.
  5. A. Sannino and M. Madaghiele. "Tuning the Porosity of Collagen-based Scaffolds for Use as Nerve Regenerative Templates." J Cell Plast 45: 137-155, 2009.
  6. A. Sannino, L. Silvestri, M. Madaghiele, B.A. Harley and I.V. Yannas."Modeling the fabrication process of micropatterned macromolecular scaffolds for peripheral nerve regeneration." Accepted for publication in J Appl Polym Sci.

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