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Alfonso Maffezzoli, Coordinator

Alfonso Maffezzoli received his master degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1987 and the Ph.D. degree in Materials Technology at University of Naples in 1991, working also as associate researcher at University of Washington (Seattle, USA).
In 1991 he won the Young Scientist Award of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS).
In 1992 he joined to the University of Salento as lecturer and presently he is full professor at the department of engineering for innovation, leading a research group of about 20 people in the area of technology of polymers, composites, ceramics and biomaterials.
His didactic activity is at the engineering faculty teaching courses on polymer and composite science and technology. He chaired the course of materials engineering chairs and is actually the director of the Department of Engineering for Innovation.
His research interests are related to polymer, composites and biomaterials. Original contribution were developed in the field of polymer composite processing, photopolymerization, rapid prototyping, cure monitoring of thermosetting resins, rotational moulding, recycling and ultrasonic characterization of time dependent phenomena in polymers.
In the last years he promoted an international workshop on thermoplastic composite materials, organized for the third time in the June of 2007 (Theplac2007).
He is author of about 100 papers on international journals and several presentations at international conferences.
He is responsible of a research group of about 15 people working on many research project from public institutions and on research contracts supported by private companies.


Publications on International Journals


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Others Publications...



Publications on book chapters


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